Equipe Analyse des pratiques musicales

IRCAM Département Recherche & Développement / UMR 9912 CNRS

Coordination de projets de recherche et développement de plateformes open source de gestion de contenus audio et d'analyse collaboratives.

Guillaume Pellerin

Eng. at Arts et Métiers ParisTech (1997-2000), Msc. ATIAM at UPMC (2001), PhD. in non-linear and low frequency acoustics and mechanics at UPMC (<2006), Ass. Prof. at CNAM in acoustics and signal processing (<2008), Founder, CEO / CTO at Parisson, manager, strategist, system admin, software and hardware architect, data scientist and developer for several open source projects for digital humanities, laboratories and universities like web audio archiving and computing platforms (Telemeta project), high level audio processing frameworks (TimeSide), live video e-learning platforms [TeleForma], embedded mobile recording and streaming solutions (TeleCaster) (> 2008). Web development team lead at IRCAM's library and musicology department (> 2015).

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