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Various playing techniques in a string quartet + real-time audio effects

Florence Baschet's StreicherKreis (Circle of Strings) explores both a repertory of various instrumental playing techniques and a new relationship between natural sound and real-time audio processing where the electronic effects are finely controlled by the player's gesture (motion sensors are placed on the bow in order to quantify speed, direction and pressure).

This is an extract from the first performance which took place at Ircam on Nov. 13th, 2008. The main part of this sample corresponds to "Section I: Irisé-Affranchi" in the score (publisher: Jobert, Paris).

We would like to thank Florence Baschet and the Quatuor Danel for allowing us to reproduce this extract.


    This mock-up uses HTML 5 audio tag, jquery and jquery svg packages.

    First, we load an XML description file of the sound segmentation, based on a personnal library tag.

    Tag from the XML description xml file:

    <section tag="ID_1" start="0">While the three other instruments hold a cluster of high notes, the cellist's silent gestures interact with them, provoking a windy sonority that becomes noisier as the cellist's gestures become more energetic.</section>

    Tag from the personnal library xml file:

    <tag name="chorus" color="#2cb3ec" id="ID_1"/>

    Next, we build the svg segmentation, adding all events on each segment: onmouserover, onmouseout, onclick.
    For convenience the width off the segmentation is the same as the sound timeline of Firefox audio tag with controls enabled.

    (c) 2009 Research Group Analyse des Pratiques Musicales - Ircam, Paris